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Sherwood Center’s Adult Day Services program is a Developmental Habilitative Training program and part of the Medicaid waiver home and community based program certified under 9 CSR 45-5.010 and funded through the Department of Mental Health. Outcomes for the program are taken from the Missouri Quality Outcomes and goals for those outcomes are developed in coordination with the Individual Support Plan.


Services are provided both on and off site in small group settings (1:3 or 1:4 staff to individual ratio). On site outcomes are designed to increase a person’s independent functioning, physical health and development, language and communications development, cognitive training, socialization, domestic and economic management, activities of daily living, behavior support, responsibility and self-direction.


Off site outcomes include opportunities for repeated exposure to community life, development of independence or interdependence in areas relating to community inclusion and the reduction of specialized supports due to increased independence or linkage to a system of natural supports in the community. Participants also have the opportunity to volunteer at other nonprofits, allowing them to become participating members of the community.


On Site Activities

(1) Cognitive activities are available on a daily basis. Computer and iPad access in addition to non-electronic games, puzzles, and other activities that stimulate brain activity are readily available.


(2) Recreation is offered both indoors and outdoors. Participants are able to access walking pathways and the gymnasium for more organized types of recreation or group activities. There is also an exercise room with

treadmills, stationary bikes and other equipment.


(3) Leisure activities, such as television, movies, books, and magazines are available in a designated room and may be accessed per individual requests or as part of group activities.


(4) Music Therapy is provided once a week in a group with a licensed music therapist. On an individual basis, the participants have access to stereos, headsets and musical instruments daily.


(5) Art Therapy is taught by a psychologist and professional artist to allow adults to socialize, express their

feelings and ultimately stay healthier.

(6) Activities of daily living include laundry and kitchen facilities that are available for instructional and functional use.


(7) Volunteer opportunities, such as assistance with mailers and projects for other organizations are available and made accessible.


(8) An on site garden allows participants to help with the planning, planting and cultivating of fresh produce,

including salad vegetables and melons that are used with meals.



Off Site Activities

(1) Recreation and leisure activities, such as nature trails, movies, bowling, local exhibits, museums, dining out and shopping.


(2) Volunteer opportunities such as repackaging product at Harvester’s VOC or sorting clothes at Goodwill.


Staff accompanies program participants into the community, and assists in the acquisition of new skills to help them generalize skills previously learned on site to different environments.


For more information call (816) 363-4606.

Adult Day Services