Board of Directors

"I have been blessed in my professional and personal life and wanted to find a way to share this blessing with others. Sherwood Center’s mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults with, among other challenges, autism spectrum disorder, struck a chord with me and I felt a calling to be a part of this mission. I want to be one of the key people who shapes the vision and outreach of this organization for years to come."

Craig Reid

President, Sherwood Center 

President: Craig Reid, Country Club Financial Services

Vice President: Larry Hisle, Kansas City Federal Executivbe Board

Treasurer: Nathan Martin, TPP, CPA's

Secretary: Jewell Colbert, Social Security Administration


Megan E. Carmen, Kansas City Autism Training Center

Jim Hoelzel, Center School District

Aubrey Holden, Hallmark Cards

Jason Ingram, EMJ Metals

Kerry Schmittling, Saucony

Ashley Shroyer, Lakemary Center

Melissa Spencer, Cerner Corporation



Advisory Board

Howard Barewin, Volleyball Beach

Leigh Anne Guminger, Kansas City Missouri School District

J. Dale Youngs, Jackson County Courthouse