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The Special Education component is a comprehensive full-day program that operates 225 days a year, including a nine-week extended term during the summer. Special Education offers a variety of instruction, therapies and activities that are available in group and 1:1 settings, on and off site. Classrooms follow routines that are based on goals and objectives identified in each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Transition services are also an integral part of the Special Education component, which assists students and their families to prepare for new environments and ultimately passage into adult life.


Special Education students engage in a varied and integrated array of activities:


(1) Language and communication training includes teaching imitative speech, PECS, iPad apps, and complex communication systems.


(2) Functional academics allow students to focus on skills they need in order to be independent outside of the school environment.


(3) Activities of daily living skills including: personal hygiene, laundry, cooking and cleaning skills.


(4) Community inclusion is a vital activity of Special Education. Students are able to go out into the community weekly and encouraged to take skills learned in the classroom and adapt them to other environments, such as shopping, restaurants, movies, parks and nature trails, local exhibits or other endeavors. Repeated exposure helps students learn appropriate social skills needed to participate in the community.


(5) Vocational Training is centered on strengthening the skills needed in a competitive, supported or sheltered employment. Skills frequently focused on are packaging, collating, assembling, and sorting.Volunteer opportunities are offered on and off site.


(6) Interaction with peer models and volunteers provide students with the opportunity to form friendships on their own that they might be able to access in the community in the future. For example, volunteers from St. Teresa's Academy and Research School of Nursing worked directly with students in specialized activities during 2013.


(7) Music is offered weekly to students, who are encouraged to participate through singing, dancing or playing an instrument.


(8) Adapted Physical Education, Speech and Occupational Therapies are offered on site. Each service is structured to fit the individual needs of each student. Therapists also teach classroom staff how to implement goals throughout the day consistently.


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Special Education Program