Wish List

You can make a big difference to our children and adults by donating equipment or

other items no longer needed by your business. The list below includes some of

the items we would be most grateful to receive:


Everyday items we are always in need of:


Lysol or Clorox wipes


Hand sanitizer (desk size-unscented)

Toothpaste (travel size)

Toothbrushes (individually wrapped)

School supplies - crayons, scissors, pencils, pens, glue, etc.



Building items we are currently in need of:


Flat screen, smart tv's for instructional use

Full size refrigerators

Laminating machine

DVD and VCR players



MP3 players/iPods

iPads or old iPhones

Playground balls

Therapy balls

CD player/radio combos

Headphones (wired and wireless)

Wii games and controllers

Twin sheets with stripes

Bass guitar