Day Services

Sherwood’s Day Program operates Monday-Friday from 8:30am-2:30pm. Services are provided both on and off-site in a small staff to participant ratio (1:1 to 1:4). Each participant served has an Individual Support Plan (ISP) that determines the services that are to be provided as well as individual goals to guide their programming.Services are offered that enable our participants to develop independence and maximize their relationships in the community.

Programming emphasis may include:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Community Inclusion
  • Music & Creative Expression
  • Music Therapy
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Recreational Activities
  • Socialization
  • Volunteerism

Employment & Community Options (ECO)

Sherwood is proud to offer Pre-Vocational and Vocational services that include job placement, job training and short or long-term supports to assist service recipients in achieving and maintaining employment within the community. Employment services are delivered in integrated settings in the community where individuals come in contact with others in that natural setting. There, they develop the skills necessary for ongoing employment opportunities.

Skill focus may include:

  • Effective and appropriate communication with co-workers and customers
  • Follow multi-step directions related to their position
  • Attention to task
  • Problem Solving
  • Safety
  • Participation on a team
  • Building relationships

No two jobs are alike! Employment services are customized to meet the goals and service needs of the individuals by developing each job site and position with the individual in mind after gaining an understanding of the person’s individual employment goals, strengths and interests.

Some examples of training may include:

  • Job searching
  • Basic computer skills classes
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Dress for Success
  • Career development
  • Career readiness

Community Inclusion & Volunteerism

Regardless of a disability, everyone has the right to be respected and appreciated as a member of their community. Sherwood affords participants the opportunity to take weekly trips to restaurants, movies, parks, museums, nature centers and stores. In addition, volunteer opportunities are made available at Harvesters, the Sherwood Center Special Education Program and local thrift stores to focus on pre-vocational skills and giving back to the community. Staff accompanies program participants into the community and assists in the acquisition of new skills and helps generalize mastered skills to different environments.


Throughout the year, Sherwood Center hosts socials that integrate our participants with another Day Habilitation program. The socials are held at Sherwood and typically incorporate a DJ, an array of food, social activities, and a ton of fun!

For more information, please contact us at or call (816) 363-4606. We are located at 7938 Chestnut Avenue, Kansas City, MO  64123.